The barefoot path


"The barefoot path is a reflex path to health."

When was the last time you walked "bottomless" - barefoot over hill and dale, through grass and mulch?

On our approx. 150 m long barefoot path with Kneipp basin you will sharpen your senses and massage your feet in a natural way.
But the barefoot path wants more than just taking off your shoes to let you walk in the traditional way.

Our feel-good path is made of various natural materials and is a piece of deceleration, rethinking and healthy.

It improves your sense of balance and encourages movement. A series of reflex reactions activate muscle groups that are otherwise barely addressed.
Therefore, take your time when walking, feel and pay attention to the small things.

...and for a boost: let a trusted person take you by the hand and explore the path with your eyes closed. Now feel without seeing. You will be amazed how your receptivity changes.