Purchase of the undeveloped property by the Pirna merchant Hickmann


Construction of the residential building
later agricultural use of the surrounding areas, e.g. by August Kunath
frequent change of ownership in the subsequent period.


Purchase of the property by the Dresden architect Carl Stephan
Redesign of the residential building to its current basic form,
The house serves the Stephan family as a weekend and summer residence,
the economic part of the building and the land are leased out
Management of the farm with 2 horses or with 1-2 oxen and 2-3 dairy cows.


Renovation of the bungalow


Roof renovation and facade renovation


Construction of the outbuilding


Death of the last owner, Mrs. Alice Stephan
Transfer of the entire property into state ownership, sale and division of the land plot
Takeover of the main building by the PGH Rosswein (3 crafts enterprises), extension to a company holiday home


Sale of the property to the Schiller family from Dresden
Modernization of the terrace


the Laasenhof becomes the permanent residence of the Stephan family

1997 - 1999

comprehensive reconstruction and modernization, extension of the Laasenhof
to the public pension with restaurant, vaulted cellar, 9 guest rooms and 1 bungalow.


Construction of the bungalow

2011 - 2012

Extensive construction work on the ground floor of the main building
With extension of a winter garden, new building and extension of the bungalow,
redesign of the entrance area and the garden area

2012 - 2013

Demolition of the outbuilding, new construction of a residential and
Business house with integrated wellness area,
Restoration of the vaulted cellar


the holiday home Laasenhof GbR becomes owner of the buildings

2013 - 2014

Creation of a feel-good path (barefoot path) with Kneipp pool and sandstone bench
Design of the outdoor facilities, renewal of the roof insulation in the main building


Completion of the unique sandstone room


Extension of the object by purchase of the property <<Laasenidyll>> (formerly Ferienidyll)
Modernization of outdoor pool and outdoor facilities